Here are all the games I have available!
You're welcome to just ask for 'em free, or you can offer something for them. I would love some art of my many, many, characters, but again - not required for most requests!
I might entertain game trades too =)
Or paypal funds, but honestly? I'm not super worried about that.

Also, sometimes, I fuck up and forget to remove a game from this list. If I give you a code there IS a chance it won't work. If that happens, I'm so sorry =(
However, it's free, so... oh well? lol.

BundleGame TitleGame TagsPrice (CAD)
Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration►Retro•1980s•Shoot 'Em Up•Education•PvP◄45.49
★/Sept 2023 ChoiceAutonauts vs Piratebots►Simulation•Strategy•Automation•Casual•Cute◄24.99
Axiom Verge►Metroidvania•Indie•Pixel Graphics•Platformer◄21.99
Book of Demons►Dungeon Crawler•Roguelike Deckbuilder•RPG◄28.99
Cartel Tycoon►Top-Down•RTS•Resource Management•Survival◄38.99
Death's Gambit: Afterlife►Souls-like•Metroidvania•RPG•Pixel Graphics◄26.99
Deceive Inc note for me: revealed code►Social Deduction•Heist•Battle Royale•PvP◄25.99
June 2024 ChoiceEmpyrion - Galactic Survival►Simulation•Co-Op•Open World Survival Craft◄26.09
Fashion Police Squad►Boomer Shooter•FPS•Arena Shooter•Shooter◄25.99
July 2024 ChoiceFigment 2: Creed Valley►Soundtrack•Exploration•Puzzle•Cute•Action◄32.50
From Space►Action•Co-Op•Online Co-Op•Top-Down Shooter◄39.99
Ghost Song►Metroidvania•Sci-fi•2D•Action•Platformer◄26.99
July 2024 ChoiceGhostrunner 2►Action•Cyberpunk•Runner•Hack and Slash◄53.99
July 2024 ChoiceHeretic's Fork►Deckbuilding•Arcade•Tower Defence•Action◄12.99
★/July 2024 ChoiceHyperviolent►Early Access•Lovecraftian•FPS•Immersive Sim◄19.49
June 2024 ChoiceKnights of Honor II: Sovereign►Strategy•Simulation•Medieval•Grand Strategy◄44.99
June 2024 ChoiceLEGO® 2K Drive Awesome Edition►Racing•LEGO•Building•Sandbox•Funny◄93.99
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries►Mechs•Simulation•FPS•Action•Shooter•3D◄33.99
Ozymandias: Bronze Age Empire Sim►Grand Strategy•Turn-Based Strategy•4X•Tactical◄17.49
Pirate Pop Plus►Casual•Action•Indie•Arcade•Retro◄5.49
Random Access Murder►Indie•Action•FPS◄1.19
"Slime-San"►No tags because I'm not sure the link to look up.◄???
July 2024 ChoiceStarship Troopers: Terran Command►Strategy•RTS•Singleplayer•Military•Tactical◄38.99
Symphony of War: The Nephilim Saga►Tactical RPG•RPG•Story Rich•Fantasy•2D◄25.99
Apr 2024 ChoiceTerraformers►Simulation•Procedural Generation•Survival•Sci-fi◄22.79
The Knight Witch►Metroidvania•Shoot 'Em Up•Female Protagonist◄22.99
June 2024 ChoiceWarhammer 40,000: Battlesector►Strategy•Warhammer 40K•Turn-Based Tactics◄54.72
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin Ultimate Edition►Strategy•Action•Action RTS•RTS•Fantasy◄96.99
★/July 2024 ChoiceZoeti►Roguelike Deckbuilder•Card Game•Singleplayer◄25.99

These are the games that have been claimed! Oldest first.

Who Got ItWhat They GotWhat I gotDate Given
pluto on discordLife is Strange: True ColoursWill be art of Sebastien►22•02•2024◄
NitrogoblinThe Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes►22•02•2024◄
NitrogoblinDestroy All Humans 2: Reprobed!►22•02•2024◄
VarynthaScorn, Husk, Western Press►22•02•2024◄
Stéphane A.Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin - ULTIMATE►05•03•2024◄
JessNioh 2 - The Complete Edition►05•03•2024◄
MortJupiter Hell►05•03•2024◄
DuetiBlack Skylands►05•03•2024◄
SanityHylics 2►05•03•2024◄
RetsuHylics 2►05•03•2024◄
Fombe. on DiscordExpeditions: Rome►05•03•2024◄
Buzz_AdtrMetal Hellsinger►08•03•2024◄

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